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Having a Powerpoint presentation for your Blog is a must if you want to gain loyal readers in your blog and it is very important for your readers.

In this article I’ am going to share you:

1. Why we need Powerpoint presentation in Slideshare.
2. How to Embed Slideshare in Blogger?
So why do we need it?

It is because of the following points:
1. Gaining Loyal readers
2. Traffic.

These are the two things that I think that is really important on why we need a Powerpoint presentation for our blog sometimes and putting our articles on Slideshare in the form of a presentation. If you have a Powerpoint presentation you will gain loyal readers because through Slideshare you can share your articles in the form of a presentation and if your presentation is good then it will help you as a blogger in gaining loyal readers. In return you will get traffic to your Blog which is the most important thing to us as bloggers and this is a great way to get more traffic, it is like having your Articles in two places.

Therefore if you want to gain more readers and get more traffic, Slideshare is also one of the ways where you can get that, it is a great place to share your articles in the form of a presentation.
Now let us how we can Share and embed Slideshare presentations in your Blogger. It involved only six simple steps.

1. Go to and log in to your account (assuming that you have already had an account with slideshare) If you don’t have get one and then upload a PowerPoint file .ppt fro your computer.

2. Your presentation will be uploaded and now you have to write the description of your PowerPoint, category and tags for your presentation so that your presentation will be found easily by others and then save it.

3. You will be directed to the Share panel where you can choose, where to share your presentation, now you will see an option called embed code and it’ s code, copy the code and save it in notepad if you want to.

4. Now go to your blogger account and create a new post.

5. Now paste the codes in the HTML Section of your post.

6.When finish click publish and your presentation will look like this.

You can also check this video to make you easy.

That is all for this article and hope that you like it. If you have any questions or suggestions please feel free to comment below.

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