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We as bloggers must have the right templates for our blog but we can’t just download the free templates and use them for our Blog because they will only help us in the short run and we will end up changing them, therefore I would recommend you to have a premium template.

Why do we need a premium Templates for our Blog?

We need a premium template for our blog because we have to make sure that our blog is responsive, user friendly, SEO friendly and so much more, and these are the important things that we should consider so that our blog will stand up and have a good kick start right from the first day of blogging.

But most of the bloggers don’t have good template or theme for their own blog and that is the main reason why their blog is lacking behind while others are growing, therefore having a premium template for your blog will really help you as a blogger and I’ am not trying to sell you anything here but I just wanted to give an advice to you, so that it will help you in the long run. We love getting free templates but we don’t know that most of these templates are not user friendly and SEO ready. If you don’t know coding especially, I would highly recommend you to buy a premium template for your Blog. Therefore in this article I’ am going to share with you:

1.Where you can find premium templates for your blog?
2.How to upload a Template in Blogger?

Where will you find the right templates for your Blog? It is easy.
There are four places where you can find them, which I think are the best place to find your templates and they are as follows:

This is a great place to find a template for your Wordpress blog and you can find many templates at an affordable price and they are user friendly, SEO ready and also responsive themes. You will surely find it here.

This is also one of the best places to find your Wordpress themes it was started in 2009 and till now it has delivered great and wonderful themes and you will find that their service is great and their themes are very responsive, you will not regret buying a theme from here.

Theme forest is a good place to find both your Wordpress and Blogger templates, it is very affordable for Blogger users especially, it is the best place to get your templates. Theme forest offers the best Blogger templates I have ever seen.

This is a great place to find your free and premium templates easily and you will find wonderful and beautiful themes here. Check it out.

And Last but not the least, How to upload a Blogger template to your Blog.

1.Now first you have to go to your blogger dashboard and select the template option. On the extreme right, on the top corner you will see an option called “Backup/Restore” click on it and a new window will open.

2.After a new window has open you will see certain option where you can download your template and upload your template, choose the option “choose file” and search your template from your computer and then choose the upload option and your template will be uploaded.

That is all for this article and I hope you like it and get some value out of it.

Will you buy a premium template for your blog?

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