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    In this post I’m going to show to you how to add or remove a navbar and add a favicon in blogger
Steps to add or remove a navbar
  Go to your blogger account and search the layout tab or button in your blogger, on the right side, on top of the layout section you will see a title called ‘navbar’ or on the left which is the 'favicon' and then click on the edit and then follow the following image.
  • Steps to add a favicon in your blog.
Just follow the following image.
If don’t want to have a favicon file, do not upload any image

  • Steps to add and remove your navbar
Just follow the following image.

 Choose any type of navbar you want and off it, if you want to remove.

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Sinelogix said...

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Aibantei Sahshong said...

I'am glad you like it

Aibantei Sahshong said...

I'am Glad that you like, I hope it has help you, thanks.

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